Unfinished Wood Co. – Review


I love craft projects and Pinterest has been an addiction of mine for a while. That said, I have seen numerous posts of monograms on Pinterest – whether they are on the front door on a wreath or simply placed on a wall or fireplace mantle. I searched high and low to find one I liked, and low and behold I have found my new favorite wood DIY shop …. Unfinished Wood Co.

Unfinished Wood Co. was born in 2013 with the goal of becoming the first website you think of when you have the urge to paint, craft, or decorate. We keep up with the current trends and give you the DIY (Do it Yourself) alternative to what’s popular. That way you can say: “I made this!” We love being a part of this creative community and get inspired to see how you finish our unfinished wood products.

You name it they have it from letters to shapes, even seasonal wood pieces – the sky is the limit all you need is your imagination. As you can see from above, I was able to get to review the  15″ 3 letter monogram – which I have painted mint chip green. Currently I have it inside my shadow box coffee table but am exploring where to place it on the walls soon with some nice ribbon.

The lovely people over at Unfinished Wood Co. have been extremely generous and want to help your DIY side that they have offered a discount of 25% off  your order on their website until April 30th 2014, just use the discount code FREE.

So make sure to stop on over and take advantage of this great offer before it’s too late!!

Happy Crafting!!




Vintage Christmas Sheet Music Ornaments


I have finally gotten my tree decorated, having a 3 month old doesn’t leave much time to do much, so when he naps and I have the chance I take it. Today was that day, and I had to share one of the newest ornaments that I added to my collection of Christmas Ornaments this year. I was inspired by a lot of the vintage pieces of have been seeing on Pinterest (lets face it, who isn’t glued to Pinterest crafts). I wanted something easy enough to do, but that had meaning in each pieces. Each of the four ornaments I made includes the sheet music and lyrics for some of my favorite Christmas songs, including this one “The First Noel”.   I am sharing with you below how simple and easy this really is to create at home, and there’s still time to make it this year and hang on the tree, especially if your living in the Northeast and the impending Snow Storm this weekend – head to your local craft store tomorrow and stock up on supplies and make Saturday … Craft Saturday paired with Hot Chocolates!

Vintage Christmas Sheet Music Ornaments


  • Vintage Sheet Music (can be purchased at antique stores/events, or you can search online and print copies like I did. )
  • Straight Edge Paper Trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Round Clear Glass Ornaments (available at most craft supply stores.)
  • Ribbon of your choice ( I choose a thin white basic ribbon, but you could use a natural raffia or any color ribbbon.)
  1. First you want to cut the Vintage Sheet Music with your paper trimmer. Make sure you’re doing it on a surface made for the trimmer so as not to damage your table. If the sheet music is large print you can cut it into single row strips, if not and smaller cut into double row strips.
  2. Once the paper pieces are ready, its time to remove the metal toper from your ornament.
  3. Insert each piece of paper into the ornament. Generally you don’t want too much in each ball, but this is totally a preference. I also found that using a long item such as a toothpick or craft stick to help push paper into its place is helpful. You’ll notice a layering effect with the ornament.
  4. Next, you will re-attach the metal toper. If you want to give it a little shake to move anything back into place if needed.
  5. Cut your ribbon or string and attach.
  6. Now your ready to hang and display your ornaments on your tree for everyone to see.

This is a great conversation piece at Christmas.

See who can guess from the bits of words shown in each ornament which song it is.

Enjoy and Happy Crafting!