Cheers to You VoxBox – Review 

I don’t know about you but with the onset of Spring (or for what some of us hope to be) I love getting to try new products. The  New Year, is all about a fresh start. So being chosen for the #CHEERSTOYOU VoxBox was definitely a special treat. As you can see from the below picture I received quite an array of products choices. The box included the following:



First off the Suave Shampoo & Conditioner, now I am very partial to the products that I use. No parabens, no sulfates – especially in the hair and body care products I use. These products smelled good and did deliver decent results, but I honestly couldn’t wrap my head around the list of ingredients. For the professional product that this is compared to the ingredients are night and day. I would honestly spend the money and buy the professional salon product just for that reason. But it’s definitely worth a try, if you’re looking to add some volume to your hair.

Next off Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt, now I have used this product before but in a different scent (Eucalyptus & Spearmint) – so I may be partial be these are great soaking solutions in my opinion. They are great to relax not only your sore tired muscles, but also the scents help you unwind. I have used these in the tub, in my foot bath, and sometimes if I am in a crunch for time but my feet are sore I will plug up the shower throw some in and let me feet soak a bit before going on with my shower. These are by far a feel a must try product, and you can pick them up at almost of stores.

Way Better Snacks, now I have tried this companies chips before and they are good. I was a bit skeptical at first with this flavor, bit I was blown away. Just the right bit of heat, so satisfying. I have been on the hunt to track down where I can buy these locally, because they were that good. Plus you can feel better about snacking, knowing these chips contain flax-seed, chia seeds and quinoa, not bad for a chip if I do say so myself.

Now quite honestly, I haven’t tried the other 3 items included in the box yet. But I will write from my perspective.

  • Hormel Taco Meat, from my gathering these meats are 100% natural, fresh and fully cooked – something I know is a good thing for last-minute meals (anything during the week to save me some time so I can sit down, is a plus). They also come already seasoned, so that cuts your preparation time down to 1/2 (win!).
  • Yaye App, from my understanding this is great for accountability for your health and fitness regime. You create small groups of family and friends on this app, and you can chat, share progress and encourage each other along the way. Definitely something I will check out shortly, and you should check out. It’s always good having motivation.
  • Last but not least, sticking with the healthy you new year theme, is Peony & Me discount. I have briefly glanced on the site and am pretty impressed on the style offerings (trendy workout attire). I know another huge motivation for me when I am getting back into my healthy workout routine is looking good while doing it, so adding a few new pieces may make it just that much easier to do your daily workout.

That was it, in all the products were pretty well centered around the New You New Year theme, a fresh start is always good and trying out new products is even better.

If you’d like to discover, review and share new products like I did, then head over here to Influenster.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. As always all opinions are my own. 


Saphira Mineral Mud Hair Treatment – Review 


If your like me, being a woman and finding hair care products that work for you is a constant search. Now if your able to find ones that are also good for you (and have fewer chemicals) that’s even more of a plus. At my recent hair appointment my hair stylist used a new line of hair care, which is exclusive to certain salons on me – and I was blown away. Jessica Flandina owner of D’Oro Beauty Studio treated my hair with a few key products from Saphira Hair. The one in particular I couldn’t LIVE without was the Mineral Mud (pictured above).

Saphira Hair is the first company to bring the minerals of the Dead Sea to the world of hair care. The Dead Sea is rich with 26 essential minerals, twelve of which are unique to this invaluable landmark. These minerals nourish the scalp, activate circulation and enhance relaxation, repairing the hair and protecting it from stress and environmental damage.

Owner of Saphira Hair, Saphira Tessler, grew up in quiet suburban Maryland. At a young age Saphira traveled with her family to Israel for four months. The experience moved Saphira so much, that she decided to stay and live in Israel. Saphira became a strong advocate in empowering young women and in fact created programs to young school girls to believe in themselves. Though she was excited to be living, studying, and growing in Israel, she was never entirely satisfied with the available hair products. Through extensive research, she discovered the incredible impact that the minerals from the Dead Sea can have on hair. In 2011 Saphira succeeded in opening the very first, female owned, 100% natural hair care line using minerals from the Dead Sea. Saphira and her team successfully created formulas and ingredients to support every woman’s hair based on hair type, color and treatment. Using Saphira products is about more than hair health, it is about confidence and inspiring women to believe in themselves.

One of the most popular products in the Saphira Hair Care Line, is the Mineral Mud. Mineral Mud is a Mineral Healing Treatment extracted directly from the depths of the Dead Sea. It is a deep conditioning treatment with 26 essential minerals combined with pure Keratin. The Mineral Mud envelops each strand of your hair with a layer of minerals, creating vibrance and vitality. The pure keratin rebuilds the structure integrity of each strand of hair.

This product ALONE is by far amazing, it leaves my hair nourished but not weighed down. I LOVE the relaxing natural scent, and from what I have been told it can also be used on your skin (but then again why waste it).

This hair care line, is only available through select salons throughout both the US and Abroad. I may be partial to my hair stylist as her expertise in hair is one of love and passion, so definitely stop on by her page above and she can also help you get your hands on this miracle product. If you’re a salon, or hair stylist yourself and would love more information on how you can carry this exclusive product be sure to contact Saphira Hair here and let them know that SavvyChicMama sent you.

I hope you get to try this AWESOME product and the others in the hair care line and see for yourself how TRULY great they are.


Happy Pampering!!




Monat – Hair Care Review

Hair is for me a very important and hard area to find products that work. Over the past couple of years I have found that certain products including parabens, and sulfates; aren’t good for hair care products. For many we have thought that if a product is sold in the store its safe, however after learning about the industry and how we ourselves should be real advocates for our own health, that mindset has changed. I was lucky enough to be approached by Donna Albano a representative for a new hair care company to try out their products, and see for myself how they care for your hair differently.

Monat, launched in October in 2014 and is all about hair care and offers 9 products for men, women and children as well. These products are pure non-toxic, safe and cruelty-free. The company believes in no sulfates, phthalates, harmful colors, parabens, PEG, harmful fragrances, harsh salt systems or DEA/MEA. The natural based hair care system will bring volume to thinning hair, length to short hair, and softness & moisture to dry/damaged hair.

I was able to try a few samples of the products, including both items from the Volume and Balance systems. I happened to like the Revive Shampoo the best in the Volume System, I found it didn’t weigh my hair down as much as the Renew Shampoo in the Balance System.  I also noticed that Replenish Masque was a great once a week uplift for the hair, providing back all nutrients back in your hair. Another product that I must say I liked the best, was the Rejuvenique Oil. It had a citrus scent and was the perfect product to add to hair before styling, however it can be used pre-shampoo as well.

In all I was pleasantly surprised with the products and will be more the likely purchasing the products for myself shortly. I would recommend not using alot of product at once, as they are all super concentrated and you dont need much to wash your hair.

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about Monat products visit Let Donna know that SavvyChicMama sent you.




(Disclosure:  This complimentary item was sent for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own and no compensation was received.)