When Face Masks Review

Sheet skincare masks have been a new favorite of mine of late. They are typically simple to apply, easy to use and dont take to long. Using masks like this are also great because they cause you to sit and relax, which nowadays is hard to do. When I was approached by When Masks to try a few of their masks, I was excited to say the least.

When Masks, are created and formulate in Korea – and are part of what is now known as KBeauty a great new rise in beauty/skincare. Many of these products are innovative and work wonders. When Masks are just that they, take the typically sheet masks you find and take them a step further. Typical sheet masks are made of fabric or pulp and are surrounded by serum product – When Masks use Bio-Cellulose sheets that are made of coconuts, a gel like texture that adhears to the skin much nicer and allows the product to penetrate the skin more efficiently.

When offers 5 different sheet masks, with different reasons of skincare need in mind. I was given 10:00PM & Travelmate masks. The 10:00PM mask is meant to rejuvenate and restore skin while Travelmate is to refresh skin. The mask is soft and jelly like when placed on the skin, and offers a cooling effect. The 10:00PM is infused with coconut juice and contains hyaluronic acid and ginseng extracts to keep skin healthy, and watermelon extract and collagen to improve skin elasticity.

I love that not only do these masks work, they are paraben/sulfate/phthalate free; also vegan and gluten free. I enjoyed the cooling sensation and the hydration that the mask gave my skin. I highly suggest you give it a try, and see for yourself how different these sheet masks are from others on the market.

When offers 5 unique masks: Travelmate, 10PM, Snow Magic, Glamour Base, and The Last Choice. You can find these masks at: Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Anthroplogie (online), Birchbox (online), and Rickys NYC.





Disclosure: These products were provided by BrandBacker for review purposes, however as always my opinions are my own.


Tata Harper – Purifying Mask Review 

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Disclosure: This product was provided by Tata Harper for review purposes, however as always my opinions are my own.

Valentia True Glow Eye Cream & Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask – Review 

   Skin care for me has become more of a important thing as I have gotten older. Of course skin concerns change with age but preventive care is the best to help lessen the impending signs of aging (and stress).  When I was given the opportunity to try out some key skin care products from Valentia, I was prepared to be amazed. 

True Glow Eye Cream

The first product I was given to try was the True Glow Eye Cream. Ok I’ll be honest I have a zillion eye creams, finding one that works is hard for me. Some are better at night for treatments, others work better in the day and work perfectly under makeup. This eye cream was the perfect consistency in my eyes (haha good pun). Light enough for daytime wear, laid nicely under makeup and didn’t leave a residue – absorbed into skin almost immediately. I also have lovely dark circles and my blue veins show, no matter how much water I intake daily it is just something herititary I deal with. This helped the thin, delicate skin under my eyes adding moisture and hydration so that those lines weren’t as visible. I also really love that not only are the ingredients simple (including Vitamin C, and Organic Rosehip Oil), it’s made in the USA (love that!) 

Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask

The other product I was given to try was the Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask. Now I have see the buzz all over the Internet with all the new products out there that are said to give you the youthful skin back. This was is definitely one that should be on your radar. With the list of ingredients (including Organic Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Vitamin E and COQ10) this mask packs a punch. You can use this daily and it only takes 15-20 minutes before you rinse off. There is a slight tingle from the mask once applied but nothing like some masks on the market. The hydration it provides your skin is more then just on the surface but the cellular level beneath. After removing the mask I noticed a plump, glowing complexion. I think with continued use of this the results would be substantial. 
In all I was beyond impressed with these products and this company. The ingredient lists are amazing, it’s produced in the USA (another plus) and more over the products deliver. I can not wait to try other items from this company.  

If your ready to get your hand on these must have skin products click on the images above.  


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Disclaimer: These products were provided by BrandBacker for review purposes, however as always my opinions are my own