Wine Glass Writer Review | Giveaway 

It’s often an overlooked gesture, leaving a note or a little message for someone. With this hectic world we live in, we often overlook a simple thing that even though it’s easy to do, it can mean so much.

This past Valentine’s Day, I took these special markers from Wine Glass Writer that are often used to label your drinks and made a special message with a special treat for my son. What a treat it was not only for him, but me to see a smile on his face.

These creative markers really are fun. Originally designed to help label your drink glass (wine to be exact) they have grown to do so much more. From labeling platters of food for events, leaving fun messages, jotting down to do lists, you name it. They are certified non-toxic, dry in 1-3 minutes after application and remove simply with soap and water. They come in a variety of colors and can be found at the company’s website above or at stores such a Sur La Table, Crate&Barrel, and Williams-Sonoma.

I myself can’t wait to use these markers again at my next gathering. It’s a great way to give a special touch for your guests.

The gracious people over at Wine Glass Writer, have partnered with me for a giveaway. Make sure to enter the giveaway over on my Instagram page @savysimplestyle and for all the details on how you can win a set of wine glass writers for yourself.






Disclosure: These products were provided by Wine Glass Writer for review purposes, however as always my opinions are my own.


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